Lessons From the CHA Symposium

In October, Mind Tools was proud to sponsor the Catholic Health Australia (CHA) Symposium in Melbourne.

CHA represents the largest non-government provider of health and community care services in Australia.

The inaugural symposium was CHA’s premier event in learning and development, bringing together people from across the CHA community, including nursing, midwifery, allied health, clinical and education staff.

The purpose of the event was to give members the opportunity to network, learn and exchange ideas. There were also presentations from industry experts, such as associate professor Dr Judy Dunchscher, who specialises in nursing graduate education and transition into the work environment.

From Classroom Learning to Just-in-Time Learning 

Mind Tools was introduced to the gathering by former CEO Ollie Craddock, who co-presented an informative session, “L&D Success Story: Moving From Classroom Learning to Just-in-Time Learning,” with one of our corporate clients, St John of God Health Care.

Mind Tools’ Ollie Craddock addresses the Catholic Health Australia Symposium

During the session, Rita Maguire and Deb Wild, St John of God Health Care’s group director workforce and group learning design manager respectively, outlined the challenges that the organization faced before joining forces with Mind Tools.

For example, their caregivers didn’t have equal access to learning opportunities in the workplace and were looking to enhance their skill sets. They also found it challenging to engage the organization’s dispersed workforce – as a high number of caregivers are based in remote locations.

Implementing a Just-in-Time Learning Platform 

Rita described the journey of implementing Mind Tools, and how the organization was able to shift its cultural mindset from push learning to pull learning, while also accelerating the performance of all of the organization’s caregivers.  

Since partnering, Mind Tools content has been built into the organization’s wider programs, including onboarding, objective mapping and management training. 

Ollie then highlighted some of the key successes that St John of God Health Care’s new learning initiative with Mind Tools has achieved so far. For example, staff amassed 30,382 page views in 11 months, and more than 2,500 learners are using Mind Tools’ resources every month.  

Rita said, “Our people need mentors and coaches, not managers. Mind Tools on-demand learning gives them what they need, when they need it.

“It manages to take face-to-face programs completely online, and delivers to our caregivers much more quickly.”

Driving Success Through Marketing

The presenters then went on to explain how this has all be achieved through a range of marketing techniques and channels.

Ollie spoke about how Mind Tools worked closely with St John of God Health Care to understand its diverse learner audience, and then send relevant and timely messages to nudge them to the vast range of content available.

To prove the ROI of its L&D, the organization is measuring success using several channels, including internal surveys and close monitoring of usage.

So far, the results have been very encouraging, and Mind Tools is working to develop this strong partnership even further and explore new initiatives for engaging all 14,000 team members at St John of God Health Care.

Rita closed the presentation out by saying, “Mind Tools will become every caregiver’s “Google”, using it to direct their own learning, available at their fingertips.”

If you would like to hear more about our partnership with St John of God Health Care, you can listen to the webinar we recorded shortly before the symposium.

If you’d like to find out more about our corporate subscription, request a demo today and discover how Mind Tools can help you and your organization.

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